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Time Tested Durability

Insulated Concrete Forms

The Durisol insulated concrete forming system (ICF) is a straight-forward method of building a reinforced concrete wall with built-in thermal, acoustical and fire protection. The ICF wall forms are interlocking modular units that are dry-stacked (without mortar) and filled with concrete and reinforcing steel.

The standard Non-thermal Wall Form unit has an insulation value of R8. This is based on the inherent insulation properties of the Durisol material itself.

Our thermal ICF wall forms incorporate mineral fiber/rockwool insulation that is also non-combustible, moisture resistant and positioned towards the exterior of the wall, resulting in additional energy efficiency that is not possible with other insulated concrete forms. This allows true insulation R-values (not included thermal mass) that range from R14 to R28+, depending on the type of Durisol unit and in turn allow you to choose the optimum insulation value based on your specific application.

We can incorporate other insulation material inserts (such as poly-isocyanurate) for higher R-values upon special request.

Durisol Wall Forms have been designed to accommodate all practical ranges of concrete thickness. The load carrying capacity of the wall system depends entirely upon the thickness of the concrete core and the steel reinforcing schedule.

download pdf version of the Durisol System Summary here

Wall System Summary

Basement walls and walls retaining more than 4ft of soil (unbalanced) typically require a minimum 6.5″ concrete core.

Since 1953, Durisol ICF products have been integrated in every type of building application. The inherent insulation value, the 4 hour fire rating, the ease and speed of building and the moisture resistant capabilities make the system unmatched for most building projects. Durisol Wall Forms have been used worldwide in every possible building application both above and below-grade:


– Residential (Single and Multi-Unit)
– Industrial
– Agricultural
– Commercial
– Institutional
– High Rise (Over 26 story buildings in-place)